Board Picks: Alyssa Bistonath

While walking through the gallery taking in this year’s collection, my eyes went directly to three artists who used bold colours while depicting natural elements. They express a type of melancholy through their subject matter, which makes their use of colour all the more satisfying.


Steven Beckly, Untitled, 2016, Colour Transparency, 12.5” x 17.5”, $275

I have long admired Beckly’s sensuous photographs. He photographs with care and with a keen eye for light and detail. The veins of the leaf spread from the silhouette as if they are thoughts that an anxious hand might absorb and understand. 


Meagan Christou, Abbadon, 2016, Inkjet Print, 8” x 10”, $300 (framed)

The oval that encompasses Christou’s piece reminds me of a cameo, but the darkness of the image speaks of a different type of nostalgia. The bird, often caricatured or caged is elusive in this frame, creating abstract streams of colour. 


Jennifer Murphy, Roses, 2015, Collage on Paper, 34” x 48”, $4000 (framed)

Murphy’s piece, large and declarative, is the kind of piece that you want front and centre. Perhaps the most colourful image in the collection, I appreciate how the botanicals and the expression of the monotone face play with and against each other. It is definitely a piece that begs the viewer to become lost in thought.  


About tpwphotorama

Photorama is Gallery TPW's major annual fundraising event featuring the best in boundary-pushing contemporary art at accessible prices year after year. Gallery TPW is an artist-run centre in Toronto, Ontario, founded to provide a venue for presentation and critical investigation of contemporary Canadian photography. Gallery TPW has played a significant role for almost forty years in supporting professional artists and developing audiences through its gallery exhibitions, online programming, publications, public events, and promotional activities. Gallery TPW has expanded its media-specific mandate to address the vital role that images play in contemporary culture and to explore the exchange between photography, new technologies and time-based media. Gallery TPW facilitates critical discussions about contemporary art through its exhibitions, presentations and disseminations.
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